Writing Contest – Take a Shot and Bet on Your Writing

Writing Contest – Take a Shot and Bet on Your Writing

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Bukowski used to bet in horses, as well his major character, Henry Chinaski. He lit a cigarette, opened thousands of beer cans, maybe downed shots of whiskey and spent the day watching those big animals running in circles. If you are a writer, but aren’t necessarily  a lover of horse racing, you might want to take your chances on something more viable: yourself and your own writing.


I’m going to be honest: I don’t particularly enjoy writing contests, but the contests are indeed all around. And if you give it a try, luck may just go your way. Several well-recognized magazines and institutions are currently accepting contest applications. Some offer a monetary prize and some offer publication of your work as a prize (be aware, though, that when monetary awards are involved, the competition increases).


September 30 is the deadline for many of the contests, including:


Philip Levine Prize in Poetry by California State University (prize of $2.000 and publication)

Short Fiction Awards of University of Iowa Press (publication)

Juniper Prizes  by University of Massachusetts Press ($1.500 and publication)

Poetry Prize of New Criterion ($3.000 and publication by St. Augustine’s Press)

Green Rose Prize  by New Issues Poetry & Prose ($2.000 and publication)

Morton Marr Poetry Prize by Southwest Review ($1.000 and publication)

Fiction Open by Glimmer Train Press ($2.500 and publication

Short Fiction Prize by Chariton Review ($1.000 and publication)

Short Story Collection Contest  by Georgetown Review ($1.000 and publication)

Novel Contest by  Hackney Literary Awards ($5.000), Poetry Contest by Northern Colorado Writers ($1.000 and publication)

Journal Award in Poetry by Ohio State University Press ($2.500 and publication)

Poetry Award  by Red Hen Press ($1.000 and publication)

Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest  by Winning Writers ($1.000 and publication).

If you want more information about writing contests in English, the site Poets & Writers is a good start. For Portuguese speakers, Benfazeja Magazine offers a generous list, and for Spanish speakers, I suggest the Escritores’ site.


Good luck!


By Jr. Bellé



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