Would You Like to Write Poetry Start with these Tips

Would You Like to Write Poetry? Start with these Tips

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If you want to become a writer, and specially a poetry writer, follow the steps before you begin to write:


1. Read, read, read, read and read.

Repeated reading takes you to know what is a poem. Reading a book or more books automatically improve your imagination.


2. I recommend Emily Dickinson for Poetry. Get to know why – and try some exercices:

• Her poems are simple but valuable. Read at least ten poems to know the rhymes and details.
• If you like to write poems, try a free verse i.e., no need to bother about the rules as in verses.
• Feel free to write on any topic which interests you. (Choose your own topic.)
• The interested topic will induce you more. Bring out your emotions.
• Don’t try to think and compare at the very first stage itself. Just write all your imaginations and thoughts, write what you feel.
• If you pour all your thoughts, then go through it. If you want to add rhymes, slightly change the last word of each line without changing the meaning. If not, leave as it is.
• Stanzas are important for a poem. Begin your poem with five to ten lines as your first step.
• Go through it again, if you find any mistakes correct it. Grammar is important. (Especially, Subject and Verb Agreement).
• Go through it again, to taste the sweetness in your poem.
• Go through it again, till the poem satisfies you.

3. Practice and Practice more. Feel yourself as a poet.

At anytime and anywhere, take notes and start to write as soon as ideas and wishes arise.


4.  There are some forms in poetry. 

Lyric - Sonnet - Elegy - Ode - Heroic Couplets - Epic


5. There are some terms in poetry.

Allegory – Oxymoron – Onomatopoeia – Blank Verse – Simile – Conceit.

Learn one by one and try more. Practice makes a man a perfect poet.


By Sha lini. 

Sha lini is the pen name of the author. She is from India. She has written Re-collection of Confidence, Sweet Memories of the Spring, The Anthology for Harry James Potter and Harmless and Homeless. Her ebooks can be viewed at widbook.com/sha. Her printed books can be viewed at feedaread.com/profiles/4132/ and at createspace.com.



If you are an writer and would like to share your tips with the Widbook audience, write to me@widbook.com and put “Writing Tips” on the subject. We are hoping to hear from you! 


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