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For the past eighteen years UNESCO has celebrated World Book & Copyright Day. Since 1995, the organization has aimed towards the promotion of reading, publication and copyright regulations. The celebration started back in April of 1923 in Spain when a group of booksellers wanted to honor the death of Miguel de Cervantes who had died on the 23rd.

However, UNESCO chose the same date not only in virtue of the Catalan Festival celebration, but also for the birth and death of the William Shakespeare and de Cervantes.

Almost 90yrs have passed by and the flames are still burning with such important names in literature that have united a parallel world mixing reality with imagination, or better yet bringing imagination and reality closer together.

Great stories inspire and allow readers to travel to an unknown world, a lonely trip to a world where only the imagination is invited. This big epic has inspired future and younger generations, can touch hearts and creates memorable moments that are still active in the human conscious, or printed on a book page.

The reading is so important to human beings as characters are to its creator.

The book is nothing without a story. And, together they celebrate one more year of existence, achievements, discoveries, and innovations.

It doesn’t matter how much it has evolved and progressed towards new places, new challenges, or new business models – a good story is always a good story. Where there’s a content to inspire, there’s a story to tell, and vice-versa.

Many different ways to tell the same story are everywhere, reflected on several devices available or arisen from the traditional model waiting to be read.

The digital content is here to stay, to rethink, and to change the way traditional writing and reading has been created in the past. It has become a new ally to many readers and writers regarding subject content who can share and spread ideas –it is not a threat.

Today, there are innumerous sites, blogs, and places to write and to publish your book. To know the difference between one another is the key to not being the same as the rest. Do not leave the traditional way of writing behind; instead, learn how to adapt it.

Think digital. Search for Widbook – a place where authors and reader meet content.

Good Reading!


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