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Widbook Reaches 30,000 Members Worldwide

By on July 11, 2013 . Category Inside Widbook

We are happy to announce that Widbook has reached a milestone 30,000 members, positioning itself as a leader in the crowdwriting and self-publishing industries. Do you know how it started?

Widbook was founded in June 2012 by Flavio Aguiar and co-founders André Campelo and Joseph Bregeiro. It was originally created as a tool for professors and students to collaborate and interact on writing projects but its collaboration and co-writing tools have set a new standard in the quickly growing self-publishing industry. As soon as the platform was launched, it was coined by Mashable as “The YouTube of Books”.

“We recognized a need for this type of tool for authors and writers. The publishing industry receives hundreds of thousands of submissions each year and only a small fraction are reviewed,” Aguiar said. “Widbook offers authors the option to bypass the publishing house altogether and its collaboration tools offer a unique way to connect and solicit feedback from fellow members, thus, improving writing.”

Widbook has seen an incredible growth since it raised funds in January from W7 Brazil Capital. Nowadays, in addition to its 30,000 members, Widbook has 1,100 ebooks already published, 6,000 currently in progress ans its presence spans 200 countries with over half of its members in the United States.

Widbook’s accelerated growth comes on the heels of the company’s attendance at the START Series event START SF, an invite-only event of early stage startups, entrepreneurs and investors held in San Francisco in June. Ben Reinhardt, START Series organizer and organizer of Web Summit and e.founders for the past three years, said Widbook has a model of business that is disrupting the ebook market.
“It is the first time that we received a startup with this kind of business model and we are fascinated. The idea of literature being collaborative online is innovative and that’s why we wanted to have them at our event,” he said.

Widbook was also in attendance this year at New York’s BookExpo America – the largest annual book trade fair in the United States. Widbook’s momentum continues to grow with a soon-to-be-released mobile app that will offer members a great mobile experience.

“We’re excited about the accelerated growth Widbook has had in just a year and look forward to continuing to expand into the mobile world in order to deliver the best tools and resources to self-publishers,” Aguiar said.

Have you tried all Widbook tools yet?

Anyone can use Widbook’s free platform by creating an account and simply starting to write, uploading content already written or reading ebooks. Members can create a customized “bookshelf” where they can house their favorite books or books they want to read later. Users can follow their favorite authors, comment and “favorite” books written by others and customize their ebook by adding a book cover and multimedia.

Widbook’s collaborative tools and features, though, allow members to interact on projects and co-write books. And that’s what makes Widbook unique! Anyone can invite members to co-write chapters or collaborate with them.

Have you already written a book together with someone? Share your experience!


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