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Widbook Opens New Office in San Francisco

By on November 06, 2013 . Category Inside Widbook

We are proud to announce that Widbook has just oppened a new office in San Francisco, the first in the U.S., where 60 percent of the member are based.

As you might know, Widbook is a free ebook network that enables writers and readers to collaborate and self-publish their work. The new office is further evidence of the platform’s increasing momentum in the crowdwriting and self-publishing spaces, specifically in the U.S., where more than half of our member base resides.

With the Bay Area being home to a wide array of prominent tech-focused companies as well as current and ongoing Widbook stakeholders, San Francisco was a logical choice to expand the company’s Brazilian office and remain focused on emerging trends.

“Widbook was born globally, however, our expansion into the U.S. allows us to boost our operations in the biggest ebook market in the world and take advantage of the unprecedented growth of the ebook industry,” said Widbook CEO Flavio Aguiar.

The new office opening is a direct correlation to our mission of revolutionizing the ebook market and providing the best user experience to our rapidly-growing member base.

“We are thrilled with the success we’ve seen over the past year and continue to position ourselves for further growth,” said Aguiar. “We identified crucial business opportunities in the U.S, so our new office is indicative of our commitment to our members, the continuous enhancing of our business platform and remaining on the cutting edge of industry movements.”

In addition to being a place where new and seasoned authors can write and publish a book from scratch or upload content already written, what makes Widbook unique is its co-writing and collaborative features, which encourage networking and the improvement of writing. Members can invite other authors to co-write with them on books while also gaining followers and recognition.

The announcement of the U.S. office comes on the heels of other major milestones for our company, including reaching 80,000 members, the release of our Android app available on Goolge Play and being an exhibitor at the Frankfurt Book Fair — the publishing industry’s largest trade fair in the world.

Widbook has been generating buzz in the tech and publishing industries since its inception, with the consistent release of new products and features, including multimedia capabilities, an advanced editor tool and the ability to read books page-by-page. Future plans include openbing offices in Europe and Asia as well as the release of an iOS app.

Anyone can start using Widbook for free by creating an account or connecting through Facebook.


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