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Widbook Launches a New Homepage and a New Design for the Blog

By on November 08, 2013 . Category Inside Widbook

Widbook is proud to announce that a brand new homepage was just launched, with some new features and a new look for the Widbook blog. From now on, in addition to the special new design to give readers and writers a great experience and make website navigation more pleasant, the Widbook homepage (when you are not yet logged in) will show new features.


Features for writers and readers

Whether you are a reader, a writer or a book lover, we have separated some great, exclusive features for you to find inside Widbook.


Press Room

Find new releases, the latest news and some articles which were featured over past months.



Explore Widbook’s history, its founders’ vision and see who makes up the Widbook team


Help Center

Do you have any questions? Go to our help center and we will resolve the issue.


There is even more for you to discover. Visit the new homepage now, and let us know your impressions. It is designed to let our members browse and find exactly what they need more easily. Along with a brand new design, we also released a new video. You can watch it now:



  • Paulo Raimundo Pereira Santos

    Aposentado (59), há dois anos queria ressignificar minha vida, buscando algo interessante na internet. Acabei descobrindo o que queria no num velho “jornalão” impresso, o bom Estadão: “Plataforma brasileira que ser tornar o ‘YouTube dos livros’.

    • Widbook

      Seja bem vindo ao Widbook Paulo :) Pessoas como você fazem a diferença para a comunidade.

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