Widbook has Changed for Good

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Widbook is writing a new chapter of a plot in the midst of changing times.  We have great news for you and you will be as excited as we are about the big step we´re taking. 

New Look – More attractive and user friendly

Before we begin… you should know that our website has been completely redesigned! Widbook is more attractive and user friendly than ever. It is now much better to navigate through contents, to read and to write a book or to find friends. We made it a lot easier for you, so that you can have more fun exploring what the platform has to offer.

Bookshelves were organized

Widbook has added an extra intelligent dose to the system in order to simplify the bookshelves for writers. But, in case you wonder “What does that mean?” It means that the bookshelves can offer you a better panoramic view of the books that interest you based on the subject matters you like most. The smart system was developed to assist you. It is undeniably a new direction for an outstanding digital reading experience.

User page reshuffled

We added a special touch feature to the user page. After all, our main reason for doing what we do is to improve new ideas, because we care about you.

The user page was redesigned in order to help the writer navigate and understand better who is who on Widbook. And now it is easier to get in touch with other authors. Who knows… maybe you’ll get a chance to exchange ideas with other writers, and then start collaborating together. It would be a great idea!

A new book page and a new author profile screen – A case apart

The new writing and reading pages are the big plus on Widbook. Reading and writing digital content is now really enjoyable, and Widbook has new navigation features on the editing screen for you.

The resource of lights off offers you a different experience when you read and write your digital content, and what’s more, you have a full screen view option.

To authors and their work – Recognition has arrived

We understand that finding talents is the key to any successful business. Therefore Widbook reserves a spot just for you to make your work stand out. The content is selected by our editorial team. There is only one place where good work truly finds recognition, and this place is here on Widbook.

Widbook Blog – You and us closer than ever

We have more news; our Blog, a new section on Widbook. A place to find good tips on how to write, good reading choices and much more. Don´t miss any chapters of our plot. It goes beyond anything you have seen before.

Be part of it

Remember… this is still a beta version. We ask for your collaboration to help us  fashion a better platform for you.



  • J.B.M

    Oh, niiice! The most cool is “lights off” lol…

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