Widbook: A Platform From 2030

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Day by day the world sees someone trying to say how the future will be. Flying cars? Tele- transport? But what about the books? What about the ebooks? What the future is going to look like for all of us, book lovers?

James Warner gives his try and makes a chronological map of how books will look like in some years from now.

In 2020, all books will be interactive and based in multi platforms.

In 2030, books will be written by many authors at the same time, in a collaborative way, via crowdsourcing. Here, the facial expressions will be detected and converted into information in the book.

In 2040, a very fun thing will happen. Readers will take care of authors (such as a virtual pet) by buying books. If an author “dies” (in other words, if the reader doesn’t buy as many books as necessary) the reader looses “social points”. Crazy, isn’t it?

In 2050, the analogical reading will be simulated digitally (this already happens today, right?)

In 2060, hardcover books will come back, with some groups trying to bring back the “old school” way of writing.

In 2070, a story will be told and written by just brain impulses. You’ll just have to think, and that’s all.

In 2080, all stories will be told by flavors and odors. I guess here everyone will actually feel a book, not read it. Certainly is the “golden age” of writing.

As we see, Widbook and our writers and readers are in 2030 already – except for the information coming from the facial expressions, we’ll take a little longer to bring this to our platform. ;)


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