Why Storium is Going to Be Your New Best Friend: The Amazing New Game for Writers Everywhere

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I wrote a post similar to this on my blog the other day, but I wanted to share the joy of Storium with the good people of Widbook, too, and so here you have it—my review of Storium, and why you need to get on the Storium train.

I’ve been writing for the better part of my life at this point. I write novels. I read novels. I critique and edit novels for other writers.

Basically, my life is words and putting them together to make stories.

I’m a professional writer and have been for my entire career.

For the love of god, when people say, “What have you been up to lately?” my answer for the past five years or so has been “…Writing…”

So you’d think by now the whole “putting a story together” process would make sense to me, yes?


It’s confusing.  It’s weird.  It’s insane and, frankly, it’s a little scary.  And by “a little” I mean “a lot”.

So I’m always on the lookout for something that will help me understand how to structure a story more efficiently.  I’ve read the “how to write” books and blogs, I’ve talked to other writers…I’ve pretty much done it all.

But nothing has helped me over all these years as much as the online storytelling game, Storium, has helped me in the space of roughly six weeks.

The way Storium works is pretty simple, and they do a good job of explaining it, so I’ll leave it to the pros.  All you need to know is that it’s fun, it’s convenient, and it’s pretty much the best way to practice writing every day.  Nothing like this exists to challenge you, throw you curveballs, get your creative juices flowing, and allow you to play with intriguing new characters.

They’re in their beta testing mode right now, but I highly recommend at least putting Storium on your radar for the time being.  There is nothing out there like it, and the long and short of it is that Storium will make you a better writer.

No book, no writing course, no advice has ever added up to the value of Storium’s contributions to my writing.

To be a better writer, you have to write. Storium makes it the easiest thing in the world to do.

Not to mention…it’s about the most fun you can have while perfecting your craft.

What tools have you used to improve your writing?  What has been the greatest way to hone your skills?


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