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Why I’m Like Biblical Figures & Arthur Dent (And Why That’s Relevant To You)

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“This must be Thursday,” said Arthur to himself, sinking

low over his beer. “I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”

 Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Hello!  My name is Elena Victoria Elizabeth Jacob, but that’s really long, so you can just call me “Eve”—everyone else does, and I’ll most likely respond to that.

I have a lot in common with the original Eve—we both liked snakes, pomegranates (which is what they’ve determined the forbidden fruit would have been closest to), and knowledge.

And I’m not exactly known to follow rules.

I also have a lot in common with Arthur Dent, in that I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

Which is why it’s so appropriate that I got a column on Widbook that releases on Thursdays!

But you probably don’t care about any of that stuff.

What you care about is why I’m worthy of writing a column and how, if at all, it can help you.


So here’s what I have to offer:


I’ve been writing professionally for eight years now.  I started as a freelancer, and then moved to owning my own business.  I’ve ghostwritten two books (and I am contractually obligated not to tell you which ones, or I’d have to kill you), write regularly for Vegas Magazine (a prominent local publication for the glorious place I call home), and manage a social media marketing company (which basically means I play on Facebook and Twitter all day and get paid for it).

I am currently working with a client to co-author a non-fiction book about the Enneagram, which I’m sure you’ll hear more about in the future.

In regards to fiction, my mother and I are co-authors, and we’ve written four full manuscripts, but I routinely change my mind about what project I want to work on.  Until 2013:  In 2013, I put my foot down and settled on which book I would see through to the end, all the way to publication and beyond.

So we’re on the second draft of that now, and it’s been an amazing experience to stick with a project so steadfastly.

It is getting interrupted a bit by my piece for an upcoming anthology, but it’s okay, because sometimes I like to have a little side-project (which always makes me feel unfaithful to my main project, buy hey, we do what we can).

And now, every Thursday, I will be sharing with you lovely people all the tips, tricks, and tactics I’ve learned over the years.  I’ll share triumphs and failures, and endeavor each week to leave you a little more knowledgeable, confident, and inspired about the work you do.

So enough talk—let’s get writing! :D


  • Grace Mitchell

    So excited and now I am looking forward to Thursday’s!!

    • http://www.ravenhartpress.com/ Eve Jacob

      I hope I can deliver! :D Thanks for reading, Grace!

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