Who is Your Reader?

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Writing is one of the most pleasurable and ancients ways to transmit a message. The art of writing should be admired as any other artwork.

When you have a message to pass on, you will always have someone to receive it. Have in mind that people are like a thermometer – they will read your work and they will always measure your writing by trying to define what is good enough or not.

The best way to understand someone is to put yourself in their shoes.  Try to spend a little more time discovering about them.

Four Things You Should Know About Your Reader

He is Emotional - Everybody has goals and with your reader is not different. You may keep in mind few concerns as:  try to understand him a little more; figure out his life´s perceptions; what he might be thinking but have no guts to say it out loud.

He is  Surrounded by People - Some questions you should ask yourself before, like:

- Which group of people your reader belongs to?

- Where your reader spends his free time?

- What does he usually talk with his closest friends?

- Does your reader have any kind of hobby?

Having some answers for the questions above will guide you through good clues and will help you understand your reader´s behavior as well and also getting closer to the main point he may be looking for.

He has his Own Point of View - Consider the fact of being “your reader” for a day. Everybody has their own point of view about the same thing. At this time make some questions to yourself, such as:

- How would be the world he lives in?

- What his friends look like?

- Is there any outstanding moments on his day? 

He  Can Influence and be Influenced by Others - A reader has his own idols, and he likes a lot of things at the same time.  For you to be ahead of all that, you need to figure how to captivate others by creating the most involving content. Furthermore, it’s important to know who and what influences him. For example:

- How your reader is when he’s with friends in a cool and relaxing place or moment?

- What kind of music he likes most?

These are few tips that we hope will help you to identify your reader and to get some clues of his behavior, likes and dislikes, and to get close to your public.

As a writer you must know more about who is on the other side reading, consuming your writing, your blog, your info, or even more – your book. After all, a writer writes for others, not for himself.


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