What’s Good This Year?

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In essence, Widbook is the perfect place where a meeting between writers and readers happens. It might be the platform, the chat feature, or because the books recommended by Widbook fits reader´s taste.

What we know is that Widbook wants to turn available to users an online version of what already is happing offline, but in a better way. Since the spirit of writing and reading are in the air, booklovers get a chance to spread their ideas, and who knows – start writing a book. And why not start by collaborating…?

To keep you posted, follow below some of the most important Book Fairs and Communication events across the world. In case you know any other interesting events, feel free to recommend us as well.

Calendar of Events 2013


(4/25 – 5/13) Buenos Aires International Book Fair – Buenos Aires, Argentina

(4/25 – 26) FT Digital Media Conference – London, England


(5/29 – 6/1) BEA – BOOKEXPO AMERICA – New York, USA


(6/5 – 6) LeWeb 2013 – London, England

(6/13 – 14) IV International Digital Book Congress – Sao Paulo, Brazil


(8/19 – 21) National Autonomous University of Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

(8/29 – 31) Biennial Book Fair – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


(9/23 – 25) Publishing Business Conference and Expo – New York, United States


(10/9 – 13) Frankfurt Book Fair – Frankfurt, Germany

See you there ;)


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