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Twitcam with Bel Watson

By on May 26, 2014 . Category Events

Bel Watson entered a new phase in her writing career and she chose Widbook to be the new home of her stories. Now you`ll have the chance to ask everything you always wanted to know about her on her next Twitcam which Widbook is supporting.

Twitcam is a live broadcast through Twitter. To watch it live, simply go to her Twitter account on May 30 (next Friday) at 7 pm EST time and use the hashtag #askbelwatson to interact.

To participate with questions, use this form: and send them in advance so she can answer it live.

It`s good to remember that Bel Watson recently had her ebook “Face Down” chosen as ebook of the week by the Widbook team. Next Wednesday you`ll be able to read the whole interview we did with her and get to know everything you always wanted to know.

Stay tuned!


  • Fieryne

    Heeeyy, its fieryne. I have a question. Are you ever going to publish Your princess series?


      you have to submit that question here

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