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Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Finish your Work

By on July 04, 2013 . Category Tips

Have you ever put a chapter off until the next day, only to put the writing off for another day? This happens all the time. Even the most skilled writers will procrastinate. This is a major issue, but the solution is to try out various tips that keep you from procrastinating.

Get the Words Out

So many writers wait for inspiration to come to them, and sometimes this can lead to procrastination. It is true that you do not want to rush the story, but that does not mean you set it aside completely. If you are having character issues, determine what it is that your character is lacking. If your plot is not working out, get to the root of the problem. Instead of stopping, brainstorm and create a new outline. You always want to keep writing.

Facing Your Fears

Many writers procrastinate due to their fear of rejection. You may be afraid that a publisher or editor will not accept your work, or that readers will give you a bad review. You need to face this fear head-on. Feedback is inevitable. Every reader will view your work differently, as will editors. If one publisher passes on your work that does not mean another publisher will. In the writing industry you cannot be afraid of rejection, because it is going to happen. Once you open yourself up to take feedback – both positive and negative – you can help cut down on procrastination.

Other Helpful Tips

Organization can help you stop procrastinating. Create a schedule, and give yourself deadlines and goals. If that means you need to write an “x amount” pages each hour – or day – stick to it. Even if you end up rewriting the work later on, at least you met your deadline.

Stay away from distractions. Your workspace is very crucial. You need to have peace of mind and no interruptions. If this means you turn off the news and telephones, then so be it.

Stay on top of procrastination, and do not let it get the best of you!


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