The Pomodoro Technique for Writers

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What a tomato, a timer, and productivity have in common? According to Francesco Cirillo the founder of the technique, if you combine these three elements in breaks of 25mins intervals each, it will help you improve your mental agility.

The comparison made was based on The Pomodoro Technique developed in the late 80´s. Cirillo believes his technique, if well orientated, would help people getting more focus, and achieve the results they want with more effectiveness, especially the ones involved with creativity tasks.

What is really interesting when it comes about techniques is how simply and easy the Pomodoro´s can be applied. Also, really works if you follow the instructions correctly.

If the technique is well used, can transform the “writing” world where the only main character of this unwritten story is you. Use your imagination to fill the blank page left behind. Give some time for your brain to process it all, and be always alert and productive, respecting the brakes between. It is simple, don’t you think?

Improving your mental agility in 5 steps

See below five steps that may help you increase your creativity in the future, with the technique we´ve just talked about.

1 – Always have something in mind to begin writing.

2 – Set 25mins in your timer.

3 – Keep writing until your time is out.

4 – From 3mins to 5mins disconnect your mind and let your “mental state” free for a bit.

5 – Repeat the step 2 all over again. 

When you have completed 4 cycles of 25min each, take a break of 15min to 30min. But remember, for better results you must follow the time and instructions described. It´s very simple!  Also, follow some advices you should know about this technique.

Advice 1: Be disciplined while you´re applying the technique. Make sure to stop when the timer hits 25mins, and respect the break of 3mins to 5mins between each cycle of four.

Advice 2: Try to be “analogical” as possible while applying the technique.

Advice 3: Disconnect from any distraction during the period of the cycle. 

The next time you write on Widbook, try it! And let us know if the technique works for you.

Hope you like it!


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