The Noise that Helps Writers & Readers

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It’s common for any author to have his own music preferences while writing a book.
Some writers like to listen to a quite music and others to aggressive
rhythm and it might help them get creative.

Making a parallel to what we know as music, there is also an alternative concentration technique called White Noise. This is a great method for those who want to get concentrated on finishing their tasks.

Picture yourself talking to a friend in a crowded place where you can barely hear him. In a situation like this, is almost impossible to choose who to pay attention to. Now, the effect of White Noise is similar to a thousand of different noises, at once. Actually, what happen is – White Noise gathers many audio frequencies, and when mixed all in a unique sound, increases the chance to concentrate more.

In other words, when you listen to audio frequencies combined, it helps you to reduce the effect of isolated frequencies coming from outside.  Some Psychologists, for example, have been using White Noise technique to help patients get focus and relaxed.

Next time, listen to White Noise and see if works for you!  And, let us know how the experience was for you.

You can follow one of the White Noise links mentioned on this post by clicking here!


  • Karen Exelby

    Always Smooth Jazz. Very calming way to block out distractions.

  • Kim Vantrease

    That’s pretty interesting. Recently, my third grandchild was born. My daughter learned that these types of sounds soothe babies instantly. I saw it happen and she’s right. Interesting. I’ll try this while working on my next book. Thanks!

  • charles omemo

    I’ll try first and see what happens.

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