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The Main Steps for a Successful eBook

By on June 25, 2013 . Category Infographic

Last month we interviewed Paula Abreu, a Brazilian writer, coach and digital strategist. She spoke of how to do business with an ebook. Now, we discussed about the main steps to follow for a successful eBook and we came up with an infografic that you can visualize by clicking here. Take Paula tips now and let us know what are your main difficulties when writing an ebook!

1 - First step is to analyze and seize the market. This can be done using many different tools. For example, you can run an online research asking your readers (or your friends/family if you do not have a platform yet) questions around your potential themes. A good online tool for this is

A few months ago, I ran a research with my Facebook community asking what my readers would like to learn in an online course. The options were potential themes I was considering. Almost 500 readers answered and 40% of them said they would like to learn how to find their passion.

2 – After you are done researching the market, you need to find what your unique sales proposition (USP) is. Roughly, you should be able to say: “If you read my book, you will_________”.

That’s how I ended up creating my free ebook “Passion: How to Use it – 5 exercises to find the work you love”, including a sub-chapter of my upcoming book “Choose Your Life” and unpublished articles, as well as five exercises full of questions designed to help my readers think. My UPS for that ebook was simple: “If you read my book, you will find your passion”.

3 - Once you know what your USP is and what your ebook is about, you need to research your theme and outline your book. Basically, you need to organize your ideas and your research results so that they will become a book – and not a mess. You can use many techniques in this process, such as mind mapping and researching the competition.

4 - With your outline ready, you need to create a schedule you can stick to. In my upcoming book about ebooks, I teach a few techniques on how to overcome procrastination and lack of time – and believe me, I know all about dealing with lack of time: in 2009 I wrote an entire book taking care of a 6-month baby AND working 12+ daily hours in the corporate world.

5 - After you’re done writing the ebook, you need to get help from editors. If you have money to pay one, great, but there are a few useful techniques to get free editing on your piece if you’re running out of cash to invest on your book. Widbook can help you to get published for free, to get feedback and tips of all kinds.

6 - Then you have to think what are your goals, if you want to publish it, to improve your writting, to get collaboration, to make money, etc. What I did with my first ebook, giving it for free, it is also a marketing strategy. Also, launching and promoting an ebook can be challenging for writers, who frequently have negative beliefs as to marketing their work. But you will not sell your ebook to anyone – besides your mom – if you do not organize your launching and promote the hell out of it. And promoting includes any kind of tools, like publishing it in Widbook.

7 -To sell it is also part of the game. Who could imagine writers having to learn how to get reviews, to set up affiliate programs – and understand what affiliate marketing is and how it works – or creating a sales page, right?

Yeah, but also who could imagine writers getting to price their own books and keep up to 94% of the proceeds?

But, wait, there are more good news! After your ebook is published, your work is only halfway done: you still get to think “what’s next?”. In the digital business world, an ebook can be later repositioned to become an entirely new product, such as an ecourse. And that means making more money out of the work you have already put into all that research and writing we talked about. And money is nice.

Paula AbreuBy Paula Abreu


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