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Short Sentences: Have You Ever Tried? Take These Tips by Chelsea Romano

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The short sentence in short paragraph format is a bit challenging for any writer. Only because you need to use as little amount of words you can put in. But what’s amazing about this format is you can put another secret sentence inside that tiny paragraph. You would highlight the add-on sentence and that’s another sentence, but not only a sentence, a quote of meaning. I myself find this the easiest way to write my books and get inspired because I’m the person that has to have something finished pronto! And I just can’t complete things with long sentences and good detail. But good detail is more than a picture in your mind, it’s a feeling in your subconscious that makes you show an emotion (crying, smiling exc.).


You, bookers rocking out in Widbook, are going to see a lot more of that from me, and this format is due to my absence. It’s basically a story in poetry format. I actually call it Story in Poetry Format. This certain genre of format is kind of like writing quotes of your own on a sheet of paper or on whatever program you use on your device and then save it to a new folder. Then you world work with your story, the plot, the characters, the feeling you want the reader to get. And when you capture all of that in your mind you splat it on paper. It will be sloppy the first draft.


Every first draft is, but that’s the best part…editing truly is the best part! You get to pick out the Pieces you want in your story and that put it with a quote. You might say  ”oh this sounds easy enough.” But it’s really not. I’m not saying it’s horrifyingly hard, but it will take time, and that’s what writers do. We take time and like I said, I’m one to say that I don’t like taking my time, but I love to write. Everyone writes in a different way, format is a simple option, another step forward to the path you want to take, and usually format is the first step to that path of wonders and emotion through another world that you are happy to be in.


So, this format is very… I want to say, picky. They are small paragraphs that either read down one line of paragraphs and then repeat or it can be the normal reading format left to right, but they will still be tiny paragraphs. The paragraphs look like little squares and then you make sure no lines are spaced between each line (says so in the paragraph options tab when you right click on your writing for which ever program you use.) and you keep doing that same format! Thanks Widbook for letting me share this amazing format that is really fun to use, and I hope to see more of it on the sight! Thank youGabriela Loschi for giving me the amazing honor to post on the Widbook blog.


By Chelsea Romano. Chelsea was born in Washington state and have been writing since she was six. She is currently in high school and focused on computers as her main job until she gets more writing done. Computers are her second specialty other than writing. She seeks inspiration out of everything. Chelsea was chosen one of the authors of the year in 2013 by the Widbook team and you can see her profile on Widbook by clicking here.


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