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Reinhardt Kleist – How to Make a Good Book Cover?

By on December 05, 2013 . Category Interview

Although not many authors pay attention to this fact, the cover of your book or ebook might be the only chance you have to grab your reader’s attention. It’s not only about the design, but what the cover says about what it is written inside.

To explain this better and give you some great insights and tips, we caught up with expert illustrator Reinhardt Kleist, who has already released more than 15 books in Germany (some of them are translated into Portuguese) and has drawn some book covers.

Check out his exclusive tips, provided to Widbook members:

“The cover should tell a little bit about the story and give some hints of what might happen inside. Also, when I have a book in my hand, the color and the way the cover is created always leave an impression when I read the book. For example, if the cover is red, I’ll always have something reddish in the back of my head when I am reading the book. It should cause something like a little bit of suspense. I want to know what’s happening in the book, because I saw somebody doing something on the cover and I want to find out more, so I have to read this story. That’s what a cover should do for me. It should create anticipation and not just draw the attention, like when you have the bookshelf and look at this one first… for me it should do something more.”


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