Real Time Writing with Widbook

Real Time Writing with Widbook

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Widbook is at the forefront of technology with the upcoming launch of a new collaborative tool that will allow for real time writing. No other free digital platform offers so complete group of collaborative functionalities all together. What this means for Widbook users is the capability of co-writers of a work to all write and edit the same text at the same time from different locations. Not only does this feature make collaborating seamless, it also offers three main benefits:


1. Ideas can be shared in real time


Sometimes, the collaborative effort can be hindered by time differences and writers working on a story at different times. With real time writing, the writing process takes on the immediacy of a conversation between colleagues and allows for each contributor to share ideas as soon as they occur. Imagine being able to write dialogue in real time with each co-writer giving his or her input as the dialogue/conversation progresses. The genuine back and forth will lend a realistic flow to the character conversations on the book pages.


2. If something is not working, everyone knows it immediately


During the writing process, stories can take a different direction from what was intended. If days, or even hours, pass before collaborators are able to discuss the divergence, the passion may have left the story, and there may not be much drive to complete the work. When the story takes a turn that was not planned on in real time writing, all co-writers can see the story develop and decide if the new path is one they all want the story to take. Conversely, co-authors can see the positive aspects of the story and play on them directly in the moment.


3. Increased connection and concentration between authors


The ability to have the story on the screen in front of every co-writer at the same time can help promote cohesiveness among the collaborators. Everyone can be more vested in the story outcome and make contributions with immediate feedback. Also, since there is no need to communicate through a separate chat window while writing, there are fewer distractions to the writing process.


If you want to test this technology or learn more about the platform, just login on .


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