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How started

The first book printed in the world was written in Latin, around 1455 by Johannes Gutenberg (1395-1468) a German blacksmithgoldsmithprinter, and publisher who introduced printing to Europe. Before that, the content was manuscripts and made from animal´s skin. And, the Egyptians used to use papyrus made from the stem of the papyrus plant, and they believed the calligraphy was a gift from their Gods.

The oldest book found in History was made from a clay tablets written by the Sumerians more than five thousand years ago.

Do you know that a survey made by Google shows that has more than 130 million of books in the world already published, in different languages.

Present Days

Each day new devices and apps come up in order to supplement the demand of users who are more demanding towards new technologies. After 2009, in USA, the electronic books increased, especially ones regarding academic content. Therewith, authors, editors, agents and publishers found them in a position where they all need to improve and adapted their knowledge and review their experiences over the years, regarding digital content, and the most importantly thing – supply the industry needs.

Today, the number of Publishing and Bookstores who has adjusted their catalogue towards the new business model has been increased each year. Editors and Writers needed to rethink their way to publish and to tell stories, and they have so far producing more attractive, interactive and cheaper e-books than printed books ever could do it.

The good thing about ebooks is that once it is downloaded to your device, it becomes portable; also you can download many ebooks as you like, making book lover´s life much easier. Or you can read them straight from the platform, in communities such as Widbook.

A great example of how people passion about literature can turn beautiful words into reality. The book from their eyes was more than just words; they give life to the characters and show the world how to deliver a master piece called “Morris Lessmore” written and illustrator by Willian Joyce.

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