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Planning to Write a Story? Learn How, with Sha Lini

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In three ways, we can write a story:


• Choose your favourite theme first, then develop it with characters and create situations.
• Choose a character which impressed you, then develop situations and characters.
• Choose a situation or location that impressed you, then develop characters and theme.


- Give importance to each and every character, situation and idea. Be clear with your theme or main idea.

- Let your thoughts flow free and see wherever it goes. Do not use your intentions on the character.

- Be sure- ‘Character is Destiny’. End of every character should be based on his/her behaviour.

- Try to conclude the story with a moral, directly or indirectly. I recommend R.K. Narayan’s short stories to the  beginners.


By Sha lini.  Sha lini is the pen name of the author from India. She has written Re-collection of Confidence, Sweet Memories of the Spring, The Anthology for Harry James Potter and Harmless and Homeless. Her ebooks can be viewed at widbook.com/sha. Her printed books can be viewed at feedaread.com/profiles/4132/ and at createspace.com.

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