Organize, Police, and Rate Yourself

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It doesn’t matter if the book is hand written or if it’s written onto a digital format – at some point, the author will have to stop, focus, and produce the content by himself.

When it’s time to get focused, there are usually a lot of distractions that can steal your attention away from the task, especially when attempting to write while in front of the computer. Therefore, let us present you with some tools that can help you with the challenging task of being a digital writer.

Organize Yourself

Google Tasks – With the quality and reputation that Google has made for itself the tool called Tasks helps you to efficiently organize your daily planning. It is much easier to fill out your scheduled daily time plans or to write down everything you may need and can’t afford to forget. Check out more about Google Tasks in the video: http://youtu.be/qrka_3jui8M

Wunderlist – In terms of functionality, this tool is very similar to the previous one. But, if you like a more refined and better looking design, your choice will probably be Wunderlist.  This video can help you to understand: http://youtu.be/PhYruJX4ek8

Police Yourself 

StayFocused – Are you one of those who do everything to avoid Facebook while writing, but find yourself always putting your things aside to see what is happening in the social network? Ok! We’ve got a suggestion for you: StayFocused. It works to help you from cutting off all the distractions you don’t need while getting some work done. The  tool works pretty well with Google Chrome, and it promises to keep distractions away from you while trying to get your work done. Find out more about it, on: http://youtu.be/SAOUaRiPSsA

Rate Yourself

Klout – If you’re a writer and have a Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter account and want to know more about your influence rating, you might like Klout. This tool provides you social media analytics, with a score based on the activity on your social networks. To learn more about this please, click on: http://klout.com/home

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