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New Widbook Interface Improves the Way Ebooks are Found

By on March 14, 2014 . Category Inside Widbook

Widbook is proud to announce that it was just released a new plan that changes the way users find stories. All internal pages have been revamped, making the platform more intuitive, social and interactive.

Now, reading recommendations are displayed in a personal and unique page for each member, based on social interactions within the network.

If you haven`t seen yet, please, check it out now:


What`s New?

The new “Activity” screen displays ebooks recommendations based on your friends’ activities on Widbook. When you first log in on the new version, you`ll find the “Build” screen, to follow people and find out what they are writing, reading and interacting inside the platform.


Set Your Reading Goals

This new version also includes the “Goals” screen, with reading statistics displayed in a graphic format. Each user now is able to establish goals of how much they intend to read daily. “The idea is to help people create a habit of reading on a daily basis. A lot of people think that reading demands great effort and is very time-consuming, but if you read just a few minutes a day, you will be able to reach your reading goals,” points out Gui Damiani, the Widbook CMO.

Each ebook published on Widbook will also come with an approximate reading-time indication, so people can organize themselves better.


Discover More!

You are still able to find the ebooks that you want, going to the “Discover” menu and choosing the categories and languages that you want to find.

“Our goal has always been that of offering the best experience for users. That is why we have taken note of our users’ behavior and, along with market researches, elaborated this new plan that aims to stimulate reading habits. We hope that these changes ignite even more our users’ passion for books and help them develop better writing skills. We are constantly trying to meet all of our members’ needs,” says Flávio Aguiar, Widbook CEO.


How do you like the new Widbook screens? Try it now and let us know!



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