New features are available on Widbook. Start using them now!

New features are available on Widbook. Start using them now!

By on August 19, 2013 . Category Inside Widbook

By Gabriela Loschi

Improving the Widbook platform is one of our top priorities. That’s because we want to offer you the best writing and reading experience possible. This week, we increased some of our already existing features and rolled out some new ones. Take a look, try them out and share your experience with us.

Share Highlight

You know when you are reading a book and some sentences just touch you more than others? Or maybe the sentence has some information you would like to keep with you? On hard copy books you can accentuate them with your pen or highlighter. On Widbook you can highlight, too! Simply select and use the highlight tool to make note of particular sentences. As soon as you highlight something, you will have the option to save it to your profile and share with your followers on Twitter and Facebook, straight from Widbook.

Share my Status and Books

Now you can share your Widbook status via your social media. As soon as you post anything on your Widbook timeline, you have the option of sharing it with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

And because reading is one of the pastimes, every time you add a new book on your personal bookshelf, you will be able to share and recommend it to your followers on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Managing Your Account

All of these sharing tools are available if you’ve joined Widbook through your Facebook account.

To connect your Widbook account with your Facebook account, go to your profile settings and select “Connect with Facebook.” Then you’ll be able to share your favorite stories, authors and more on your social media platforms.

If you ever want to unlink the two, now you can go to your profile settings on Widbook and choose the option “Disconnect Facebook.” Then, connect with your email and a new password. If you do this, you will not be able to share books, ideas and highlights on your social media anymore.

Let the world know your passion for books and recommend books and authors through Widbook’s new tools and social media features. Try it today!



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