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Never Know When Ideas Will Strike

By on July 29, 2014 . Category Column

You’re driving down the road and see a billboard which sparks a stroke of genius…

You wake up from a bad dream that was so haunting it’d make a great sequel to your debut Thriller…

You’re at a cocktail party and a man approaches you with a pickup line that’s so suave it would be the perfect opener for your main character as he meets his leading lady…

In each scenario, inspiration materialized when you least expected it.  In each scenario, you were ill-prepared.

By the time you drive home, you’ll get caught up in the kids, the bills, the house.  The moment will pass you by and you’ll never return to it.

When you roll over and go back to sleep, rest assured, you won’t remember your brilliant idea in the morning.

After a few cocktails, you’ll get the wording wrong; your hero will sound lame and corny instead of smooth and sexy.

Knowing you had something and you lost it is the worst!  Since you never know when inspiration strikes (but you know it doesn’t strike often!), it’s beneficial to pay homage to the Boy Scouts and be prepared.

I always have paper and pen on me for such an occasion.  In my glove compartment, you will find a mini spiral notebook with the pen stored within the metal spirals.  In my purse, I carry a tiny pen and a teeny tiny notepad – the one my son received in a birthday party goody bag.   I have Post Its in my kitchen, a pad of paper by my nightstand and a notepad by my computer.  I’ve even been known to borrow someone’s pen and jot something down on my hand.  Also feasible, leave yourself a voicemail, send yourself a text, phone a friend, take notes on your iPad or ask Siri to remind you of your latest revelation when you get home, so when you do, you can continue to write on…




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