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Motivational Books – An interview with Frank Nyamundero

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He is a motivational speaker, life coach and works with the most varied communities in his country, Zimbabwe, Africa, from churches to prisons. Frank Rangarirai Nyamundero is also a Widbooker and his ebook “Living your Purpose” was chosen as ebook of the week by the Widbook team.

When asked to give an interview for our blog, he said: “I feel honored to be answering questions and to have an opportunity for me to share my life story with people around the world through the Widbook platform. I will do my best to give you nothing but the truth.”

So let’s get to know him better, why he decided to start writing and why he is qualified to write motivational books:


Widbook – Hi Frank, congratulations on your ebook and thank you for choosing Widbook. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Frank Nyamundero - I grew up in a ghetto community in Zimbabwe and I was constantly despised due to my condition of living with Albinism. As I grew up facing a lot of setbacks, I became who I am in a positive way. I am devoted to Christians and a free spirit. I love to help people and see them smiling to live their lives to the fullest. I am also a musician and passionate about humanitarian issues. I am a human advocate.


When did you start to write and what are your goals as a writer?

I started in 2009 writing articles for the school magazine. It grew into a passion to help people. My style is more informative and devotional. I want to inspire and add value to people around the world through my books. My other goal is to publish at least two books per year written in the 10 major languages of the world.


How is the publishing industry in your country, Zimbabwe?

It is arguably not one of the best. It’s expensive to publish a book and most publishing houses here are traditional and focused on educational books. It is hard for writers to get a contract to publish with them. So most writers opt for self-publishing or go to independent publishing houses in South Africa or other countries like China. That’s why I couldn’t publish my books in hard copy. Currently I am looking for a publishing house to partner with and get a contract to print my books.


Why did you decide to publish “Living Your Purpose vol. 1″ on Widbook? How does Widbook fit into your overall writing career?

My decision to choose Widbook is straightforward. Opportunities appear once, and if you don’t take it, it’s gone. So grab every opportunity that comes your way as long as it fits your goals, vision and purpose in life. I saw Widbook as a springboard for my writing life to reach the world with my works. Widbook made me realize how valued my work is and that nothing is impossible.


What are your resolutions for 2014?

2014 is a big year for me and Widbook made me begin it with a bang by voting for my book as the top ebook of the week in 2014. This year I want to publish “Living Your Purpose vol. 1″ in printed copies and reach people worldwide. I want to finish up my 3rd book on Widbook, including “Living Your Purpose vol. 2″, and start doing motivational seminars around the world. Also, I want to establish a company and website for counseling and motivation.


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Be you in all that you do. Give your best in whatever you set your mind to. Above all, never give up, for you were born to make someone smile through your purpose.


If you could change something in the world, what would that be?
One thing I would change is the mindset of humans, to make them think in a positive way for the good of everyone.




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