Maurício de Sousa: A meeting with the Greatest Brazilian Cartoonist

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The Frankfurt Book Fair provided nice encounters for everyone who was there. Every day offered a chance to meet many authors and listen to them sharing a little of their knowledge about writing and literary production. During those days, the Widbook team had a nice time with the well know Brazilian cartoonist Maurício de Sousa.

He is the man behind Turma da Monica (Monica’s Gang), a comic book series inspired by children he knew from his childhood and his own children. Between comic strips and newspapers, his creations are in about 30 different countries. Currently his comic books represent 86% of comic books sales in the Brazilian market.

To reach this big portion of the Brazilian market, the author split his time between drawing and entrepreneurial activities. “I would draw in the morning, and in the afternoon I was Mauricio entrepreneur. My father was a much more complete artist than I am, but he didn’t know how to make his productions profitable. So from the beginning of my career I’ve planned all the steps to get here. I knew that in the comic book market I also needed to be an entrepreneur.” That is a tip that Mauricio de Souza leaves for new cartoonists: to be fully accomplished, it is very important to have a well-organized business plan.

Maurício also shared with us his ideas about the future of digital books, and how cartoons are going to be part of this world, which you can see in this video:

Finally, we wanted to know what Mauricio de Sousa wants for the future of his projects. He answered beautifully: “I want to be a living history, for me, for Monica and everyone who will come after me.  I want your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to also follow Monica, Jimmy Five (Cebolinha) and the gang of the future.”


By Flavia Frossard – Flavia is Journalist and Community Analyst at Widbook.


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