Making the Most of the Frankfurt Book Festival

Making the Most of the Frankfurt Book Festival

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The Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest book festival in the world. Over 7,500 vendors present their wares and more than 100 countries are represented at the ultimate gathering of publishing professionals. Even if you did not sign on as an exhibitor at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the experience of simply attending this event provides endless opportunities to feed your muse and learn more about your craft.


Network with other writers


One of the best ways to stay in touch with what is going on in the publishing world is to stay connected to other writers. As a rule, writers are generally friendly and willing to talk shop with other writers. Visit the booths where writers in your genre are working and start conversations. Not only could you find your next great read but you can also benefit from the knowledge of a colleague.


Chat with publishing industry workers


Agents and publishers also visit the book fair, so keep track of where their appearances and booths are located. Make sure to stop and chat with these important players in the publishing industry. You never know if the agent you share a drink with at the hotel bar is looking for new clients or not. And it is always a good thing for publishers to recognize your name when your manuscript comes across their desk a few months after the book fair.


Attend presentations


There will be various presentations and workshops taking place at the Frankfurt Book Fair and you should take advantage of all you can fit into your busy schedule while you are in attendance. You may find a workshop offering the very knowledge you have been seeking in regards to writing and publishing. Having this wealth of information at your disposal is an opportunity to learn as much as you can about your industry as possible.


Above all, while you attend the Frankfurt Book Fair, make sure to talk to as many people as you can. The man you chat with during lunch may be the husband of a high level editor at a publishing house and he may fall in love with your book idea and take you to personally meet his wife. The woman you help with her bags may be a new agent in your dream literary agency and she may be hungry for clients. Keep an open mind and a friendly attitude and enjoy the biggest book fair in the world.


Stop by Widbook booth M128 on Hall 8.0, the Digital Innovation, and connect with our team personally. We hope to see you there!


Photo by Marc Jacquemin (Frankfurt Book Fair)


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