Let’s Write a Short Story Today

By on March 26, 2013 . Category Tips

In a digital world the new way of writing a book can be defined by creating a short story. How can we classify a story as a short story? Sometimes less is more – Let’s read shall we.

Digital stories need to be read in a single sitting. Remember, digital readers won´t spend time reading a long story on any device. Students, professionals, and children are multi-tasking more these days and they tend to do many things at the same time. When they want fast answers to unknown questions all they have to do is Google it. Why would this behavior change when it comes to digital reading and writing?!

Think about it, when creating short stories that have the same impact as traditional books, how could this work be read immediately in this instant gratification age that we currently live in?

Be More Poetic – Try to combine a more objective matter of fact description with a poetic atmosphere. Once you’ve done that, you will engage and intrigue more readers.

A Plot can’t be too Complex – In contrast to a written novel in full print, a short story creates a unified impression and leaves us with a vivid sensation. It is not a number of complicated, mundane facts and long drawn out ideas.

The Connection Between – There is a close connection between short stories and poetry alike within a unique union of ideas and structures.

Limit of Characters – There is a limited set of characters, one single action and a simple plot (often: exposition, complication, crisis, and contains a sad or happy ending).

Place and Time – A short story restricts to only one sitting (fixed place and time, and social surroundings).

As a reader, try to understand the author´s point of view as revealed in his work. Go to Widbook and read some stories to try it now!



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