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Interviews, Tips and Highlights from Widbook’s Participation at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

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Being a first-time participant at the world’s biggest book fair is an unparalleled opportunity, especially with the industry becoming increasingly digital. Widbook is at the forefront of this technological revolution, which is changing the way the publishing industry is organized. It was wonderful to be an exhibitor at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013, from October 9 to 13, so that we could show a larger audience what Widbook is all about – and our booth received many visitors and special guests during all five days. You can catch a glimpse of the experience in our album of pictures on Facebook.

We envisioned a collaborative eBook and asked for contributions from key players who are either transforming this industry or adapting to it – including educators, authors and entrepreneurs from the United States, Germany, Brazil and India. We put this all together in an eBook and released it during the fair. You can read “The Future of the Book Market” for free on Widbook.

The German fantasy author Wolfgang Hohlbein not only contributed to this project, but also talked with the Widbook team right after signing many copies of his books at the fair. He was tired, but he shared his thoughts and tips with us. Watch it: 



With Brazil being this year’s coveted Guest of Honor, we also spoke with two of the most important awarded Brazilian authors. Pedro Bandeira is an icon for teen books. He captivated an entire generation with more than 40 published titles. In this exclusive interview, he shared his good nature with us, as well as his thoughts on new technologies, the book market and the future.

Watch it now:



We also caught up with Mauricio de Sousa. If you are into comic books, for sure you have heard of him and “Turma da Mônica”, the characters he has created. Read his tips for beginners here and watch our exclusive conversation in the video below:



With networking, tons of articles about Widbook (we are so pleased to have gotten such great coverage on the main German and European media), visions, members, platform improvements, and much more information, it was definitely a very positive event. We learned a great deal during the fair, by sharing experiences with other exhibitors and attendees. We gained insight that is helping us make the platform even better, so that we can offer the best community for writers and readers worldwide.


In addition to everything else, the event was also held in Germany, a country that I am very enthusiastic about. So I am going to leave one last tip for anyone attending the Book Fair next year or travelling to Germany any time: Try the Schnitzel with a special, unique green sauce made in Frankfurt. And let us know what you think.

See you next year!


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