Interview with Sydney Roy: Take Her Best Tips

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Sydney Roy had her ebook “Blood” chosen as ebook of the week by the Widbook team. Get to know the 21-years-old girl from the Caribbean island Trinidad, who signs as Sydney Ledger, on this exclusive interview.


Widbook – Hi Sydney, congrats on your ebook! How long time did you take to finish it?

Sydney Roy - I first wrote “Blood” in screenplay format (44 pages long) back in 2008 within three days. I recently re-wrote it within 1 1/2 months back in July /August 2013.


What is your best writing tip?

My best writing tips are to listen to music. I write based on what I feel at the moment and music always sets the mood for me. Other than that, write what you want to. Don’t follow the norm. Whatever comes to mind…Be yourself and be free.


Which strategies are you planning to reach your goals as a writer?

Well my strategy is to get my work out there, build a fanbase and connect with people so they would know what to expect from me as a writer. Hopefully, to gain recognition as a good and creative writer and see what happens. Writing has always been my passion and I try my best not to be ‘cliche’. I’m please, so far, with my outcome. But essentially, my goal is to get my work internationally. I even have high hopes of making my books into films one day.


How does the publishing industry looks like in Trinidad?

The book publishing is not that very big here (especially for my genre), hence the reason I never tried to get published. I want my work to be international, not only regional.




I guess that`s one of the reasons why you chose Widbook to publish your ebook, right? What else?

I was looking for somewhere to publish my book for free and a friend of mine recommended Widbook.


What are your favorite authors?

Sidney Sheldon, Zane, Caleb Nation, Sara Shepard and Silvia Day.


Besides fantasy, which other genres do you like to write?

I like to write Romance, Comedy, Thrillers – anything that comes to mind.


If you could change something in the world, what would that be?

Discrimination – the way people judge you and hate you before getting to know you because of your appearance, social status or skin color is just disgusting. I detest it. I would really like to change that.



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