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Interview with Poet from Bangladesh, Maimun Khan

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Bangladesh is a beautiful country on south Asia with a large population and a low literacy rate. Bengali has a rich literary heritage, though, and one of the great writers from the area published his ebook “Mystery Revealed” (chosen as ebook of the week) on Widbook. We chatted with 23-yearsl-old poet Maimun Ur Rashid Khan and he has a great history to share. Check the whole interview below:


Widbook – How the publishing industry looks like in Bangladesh?

Maimun Khan – The publishing industry in the country is fine. The demand for local books i.e. books written in Bengali is pretty good but the English part is still lagging behind. There are people who are trying to boost up the market and yes, they have succeeded to some extent. One of them is UPL (University Press Limited). They are really trying to publish more English books of fiction, poetry and others. The overall picture is actually quite nice as people do read books of every kind in this country but the scope for poets is quite low, hope it will grow more.


How long time did you take to finish your ebook?

“Mystery Revealed” is a book that took sometime for me to write, compile, design and edit etc. The poems did not come in as day or a week or a month. They are extracted out from various events of life and of nature and some of dreams. So, there is no definitely timeline for this. But as far as I can remember I wrote the first poem “A Game” in 2013 November.


When did you start to write and what are your goals?

I write since forever. My goal was, is and always will be to write about the truth that hides in the nature, the side of the matchbox I see from the place where I am sitting. I would love to get published and earn some coins. But at the end of the day I want to know for myself that I have served my purpose as a bard and I respect my pen, my mother and my woman.


What are you doing to reach out your goals?

Well, I am already a poet. I have attained the main purpose. Now, I am looking forward to publish. I am not into vanity publishing but something that will have an academic respect. And to reach out to my goals, I am trying to knock many publishing houses and Yes, I am thankful to you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity and giving me so much love.


Your best writing tips.

Follow the heart.


If you could change something in the world, what would that be?

I would not change anything. Let it be.



  • Shamim AJ

    Congratulations Maimun. Good to know that your ebook has been chosen as the ebook of the week! “The poems did not come in as day or a week or a month. They are extracted out from various events of life and of nature and some of dreams.” Bravo buddy! Coffee at Gloria Jean’s Coffees to celebrate?

    • Maimun Khan


  • Faisal Islam

    Things can change only through strong personalities ;) .. Congratulations Bro!

    • Maimun Khan

      Thank you brother :)

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