Interview with Nathalie East – The great 16 year old writer

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She is only 16 years old but her ebook “Sweet Disaster” was chosen as Ebook Of The Week by the Widbook Team. From Sweden, Nathalie East, this awesome girl that is starting High School this fall chatted with us about her dreams and aspirations on this exclusive interview.

How long time did you take to finish “Sweet Disaster”?
I don’t really remember, a few months maybe. I remember having a few writer blocks in the middle of it.

How did you started to write fan fiction?
I started writing fan fictions when I first finished The Twilight Saga, because I didn’t feel like I got an answer to all questions. My mom said that Stephanie Meyer probably left it like that so readers could make up their own endings.

What is your best writing tip?
The only tip I really have is to never push it. If you don’t feel like writing it, don’t, it won’t turn out pretty. Just wait and gather some more inspiration.


Which strategies are you planning to reach your goals as a writer?
My main goal at the moment is just to practice my English, because I know I have misspellings and grammar mistakes. But in the future I hope to maybe publish a book for real. To be a writer isn’t my big dream, but it’s something I like to do, and I could see it as a hobby.

Why did you choose Widbook to publish it?
I had already posted this book on another website and people seemed to like it there. Since I just started on Widbook I thought I could post it here to see if the response would be the same.

Besides fan fiction, which other genres do you like to write?
Well… I practically only write fan fictions. But I have written one original novel, which is kind of a mystery/thriller.


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