Interview with Jamaican Writer Keisha Latoya Williams

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Keisha Latoya Williams had her ebook “Broken Promises“ chosen as ebook of the week by the Widbook team. She shares her time as a nurse and midwife with her writings. Get to know this 35-years-old woman from Spanish Town in Jamaica, on this exclusive interview.

How it is, in your opinion, the publishing industry in Jamaica?

Publishing here is mostly focused on education materials such as text books for use in school or the printing of newspapers. We are not so fortunate to have a lot of interest in the publishing of novels. I think we can do much better as we have the technology to do so.

How long time did you take to finish “Broken Promises”?

Approximately two to three weeks. I had done a similiar story once years ago but never had a medium to publish it; it’s on paper. So I sort of adapted the stortyline a bit and along came Broken Promises.

Why did you choose Widbook to publish it?

I was surfing the internet looking for a medium through which I could share my love of writing stories and having them published for others to read. I came across Widbook and right away I fell in love and have not been able to stop writing. It’s the perfect medium for both my passions: writing and reading novels.


When did you start to write and what are your goals?

I started in high school at the age of 13 years. My goals right now are to just develope my skills at writing and then possibly have my work published on a wider scale and for profit too. I think that everyone on Widbook has the great potential to be world reknown author like many of my favourites such as Sidney Sheldon, Nora Roberts and Danielle Steele.

In a few words can you tell us why  should people read “Broken Promises”?

It’s a beautiful story about the highs and lows of marriage, the love between two people that transcends beyond just the physical. The love that Natasha and Marc has for each other I think is the kind that we all want in our lives and in one way or another we can relate to either characters. The story is based on real life situations and not a fairytale.


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