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Interview with KAM Carr. Take Her Writing Tips!

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Kerry-Anne Marie Carr is a 30-years-old writer from Oxford, UK. On Widbook, she signs as KAM Carr. Her book Closer was chosen as ebook of the week by the Widbook team and now you have the opportunity to get to know what motivates her and, of course, enjoy her precious writing tips.


Widbook: Hi Kerry, what is the idea behind Closer

KAM Carr: The idea of Closer came when I read Twilight. I love that book, but I wanted to play with the whole concept of vampires. What if they aren’t dead, what if you could walk down the street and pass them without knowing? After doing some research into this and playing around with ideas, I began writing Closer.


Why Widbook?

I found Widbook through Facebook. I see it as an on-line library. It’s different from other sites. Authors and readers can interact with one another. I always get positive feedback and it’s such a pleasant community that encourages me to carry on writing and share my stories.


How do you evolve your writing style?

My writing style varies from book to book. When I write from a POV, I like to think you take on another person and take on their voice. Closer is written in the 3rd Person, which is slightly easier to switch from character to character. Also, I like to create suspense. Give readers a little about something, but try to hold certain things back to get a WOW factor.


Who is your favorite author?

There are so many… Stephanie Meyer, Sylvia Day, Dan Brown and Helen Fielding.


What about your favorite food?

Really??? Books :)


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Now share with us your best writing tip.

If you have an idea write it down. Always start at the beginning and just keep writing. Reading is also a massive part of writing. I am always reading… Reading can help improve spelling, grammar and can also help with inspiration and creativity. Don’t let others put you off. I have had some horrible reviews in the past, but I rise above them and Closer is one of biggest books.


What are your goals?

I want to get into screenplay writing. I don’t really set goals for myself, if an idea comes to me than that is my focus till it is completed. Take one step at a time and don’t rush.


If you could change something in the publishing industry, what would that be?

Give indie authors more rights. At the moment if you’re self-published you get paid peanuts and certain sites have regulations. Indie Authors should have the same treatment as Publishing house authors have.



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