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Interview with Writer of the Week: Tahnee Lea Faulkner

By on February 19, 2014 . Category Inside Widbook

Tahnee Lea Faulkner is a 24-years-old writer born and raised in British Columbia Canada. Her ebook Myth was chosen as ebook of the week by the Widbook team and now you have the opportunity to get to know what is the idea behind her ebook and, of course, enjoy her precious writing tips.


Widbook – Hi Tahnee, congrats on your ebook on Widbook! What is the idea behind “Myth”?

Tahnee - The idea behind “Myth” was a means of escape to a world where there is nothing human left and where nature is in control. The Sasquatch don’t take more than they need, and they respect the earth because it always provides for them. Often I wonder if humans could really return to that world or if they can only glimpse it from the outside.


How would you describe your writing style?

I would describe my writing style as straight forward and slightly descriptive, but it’s always going to be one of those things I have to work on. It just flows from my brain, to my fingers, and comes out unrefined, but it’s always been that way.


Why did you chose Widbook to publish your ebook?

I was wary of publishing anything on the site, because these writing pieces are my babies and I’ve never used a website like Widbook before. But I’m glad I did. I’m getting feedback and helpful tips and that was what I was looking for.


Your goals.

My goal is to one day make an income from my writing, and I know that’s a long way off. It doesn’t hurt to hope.


Your best writing tip.

My best writing tip is to learn and use proper spelling and punctuation. Nothing frustrates me more than trying to read somebody elses story when there’s no periods in sight. Especially if it has potential.




Your favorite author.

Favorite author right now is Suzanne Collins. Something about the whole concept of the Hunger Games intrigues me.


Which book are you reading at the moment?

Not reading anything right now, but there’s several new books on my shelf asking me to investigate them.


What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is any kind of marinated meat my guy cooks up. His marinades are epic.


If you could change something in the world, what would that be?

If I could change something in the world I would make sure that typewriters were still popular, and not sold as scrap metal. It makes my heart ache to see how the typewriter has been pushed out of the communication world. They are such elegant machines.




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