#IndieChat – How Authors Can Use Widbook to Get Feedback on Their Stories? Don`t miss it out Tomorrow!

By on April 28, 2014 . Category Events

Widbook in excited to be the Biblio Crunch guest for their #indieChat tomorrow, Tuesday, April 29.

From 9 pm Est time until 1o pm Est time our CEO Flávio Aguiar is going to answer questions from the general public via Twitter.

To participate, simply log on Twitter on the right time using the hashtag #indiechat. Flavio is going to use the official Widbook Twitter: @widbookofficial and Biblio Crunch will be using their account: @BiblioCrunch.

For detailed information, visit their blog:

Biblio Crunch invited Widbook to participate on this edition of its traditional #indieChat on Twitter and we are very glad to participate.

See you all there!


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