Improving your Writing with Five Tips

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To find a blank page in front of you can be an inspiring thing, but at the same time frightening. Creating something means start from scratch and from that – the responsibility to deliver the best content is all on you!

The way of writing a book depends a lot on how you´ll face the process involving your plot.

To help you improving your writing and to bring your story to the next level we have chosen five tips for you.

1 Search – Always search for more info and details

Be passionate about reading as much as you are for writing. The more you read, the more you will increase your repertoire. The knowledge you acquired so far, will make you achieve your goals as a writer.

To start the process on reading, begin searching for different topics each day, establishing and recognizing some differences and particularities from specific writers and their writing abilities.

On the writing process, every experience and information counts and it will make you have a better understanding about how important things are, and how ideas can define and fragment a great plot.

2 Practice – Deliver content by writing a lot

With the repertoire you have acquired so far, you´ll be constantly updated. And your “creator” side naturally will come out. By putting your ideas on the paper you’ll start writing more often.

Don’t limit yourself by writing only what you have already produced in mind so far, but fill the blank pages in front of you with a new content instead, and you’ll see how far you can go , putting out your ideas. When your thoughts are clear, readers will comprise your writing much better.

3 Reinvent – Common sense can help you create your own reality

Remember what has been told you as “a rule”? Forget it all, and start making “your own”. Whether is a grammar application, or the way you present your work, or a possibility where you have the chance to do something different beginning from creating something unique.

Start studying a diversity of writing and you will see how creative you will become by establishing your own work – after all.  You can enjoy working on creating exceptions to the rules you made.  Lesson learned – “my book, my world, my rule!”

4 Hold on – Don’t let your ideas pass by

Nowadays everything is changing so fast. That’s so true that ideas are hanging around. Be prepared to recognize a great opportunity and jump in to become successful. Doesn´t matter when or how the opportunity will appear!

Keep your eyes open for the right moment. You don´t need to have a piece of paper with you all the time to write down your thoughts, you can do it in your mobile device, your laptop or anything you carry with you. The important thing is to write and to save your ideas, so later you can go back and read or change something once you need it.

5 Objectivity – Less is more

Less is more, in many ways. Synthesize your story not by writing something boring, but being simple and objective in your thoughts, it will make your story clear to readers. That means – in order to engage readers, your story needs to have more details add to it. Give your reader some taste of the story by not telling them all at once. Add some suspense to it, and you´ll make people become more interested in your stories.

Have a good writing!

From the Widbook team.


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