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I Love to Write: Do I need to Write a Book to be on Widbook?

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The world is full of people who love to write and you may be one of these lucky individuals who absolutely loves the written word. However, just as there are various types of people, there are almost endless possibilities for presenting written works. You can write the Next Global Novel… or not. Regardless to what you like to write or experiment with in your projects, Widbook has a place for you. Widbook is a writing community, so it has thousands of writers and readers from all over the world that you can connect and be followed, if you bring your project to the platform. Consider these possibilities:


1. A story series


If you love the idea of a soap opera or dramatic series with an ongoing storyline, you can write each episode and publish on Widbook. Also, you can just invent your own story and publish it peace by peace, writing it as if it were a real series and see how it goes. You may want to continue your character’s drama once a week or once a month. Whatever your frequency, you can present each small episode on Widbook after you write it.


2. Bulletin or newsletter


You may simply want to keep everyone posted on what you’re doing or working on. If you use Widbook to publish your updates or bulletins, you not only get a professional and easy to read format, but you can easily share your content with whoever you want to access it. You may even find a whole new following on Widbook and meet new people.


3. Blog


It may be interesting to offer your blog in a book format. Many writers have never entertained the thought of writing a novel, but they do regularly blog. Imagine how handy Widbook content can become if you later decide you actually do want to publish your blog posts in a book. It’s already done on Widbook.


4. Promotion


You could promote your other writing projects with content on Widbook. Consider offering complete short stories on Widbook to drum up more interest in your writing that can be found elsewhere. Not only would Widbook readers become introduced to and have access to new and exciting writers, but they may be compelled to look up the other things you’re working on.


Whatever your writing project, the easy to use and professional formatting found at Widbook can help your writing voice become louder and clearer. Come see what we’re doing and how Widbook may fit into your larger writing platform.


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