How to Use Widbook in Schools and Universities

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By Gabriela Loschi


The traditional methods of teaching and incorporating new technologies have long played a role in education tools. Always a topic of discussion in the educational realm is how to combine traditional teaching methods with the modern concepts of today’s generation.


Advancements in technology is embracing classrooms in an irreversible way, and Widbook is one of the newest tools to make learning fun, interesting and more effective. Widbook originated as a tool to make it easier for students and professors to collaborate on work, and though it has evolved into a full self-publishing platform, its innovative uses in an educational setting remain.


Widbook’s free platform offers teachers a complementary tool for assisting in teaching methods. As mentioned in this Free Technology for Teachers article, Widbook can be used by students to collaborate on creative writing projects in a kind of “fan fiction” style. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning also listed Widbook as number one of 10 awesome new webtools for teachers.


With school back in session, here are some creative ways teachers and students can take advantage of using Widbook in the classroom:


- Teachers can discover new authors and literature to accompany their lessons and create multimedia reference books for their students


- Students can create their own multimedia reference books, portfolios and personal stories and add links, photos and a customized book cover and share globally


- Working in a group is easier than ever, since Widbook members can invite other members to write a project with them or solicit helpful feedback


- Teachers can post class information and project instructions in chapters on Widbook and invite students and other teachers to view and add comments or ask questions


- Teachers can initiate creative projects, such as asking students to create their own ebook or an ebook authored by the entire class over the course of the school year and share it easily with other worldwide members and via social media


- With a wide array of genres and over 1,500 books published, students can discover new reading interests easily


- Widbook can help the class to stay connected and organized


If you are a teacher or a student, we invite you to use Widbook and share with us in the comment section below the creative ways you are incorporating it into the classroom!


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