How to Transform a Diary into a Great Non-Fiction Book – Interview with Terri Elizabeth Hamilton

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Terri Elizabeth Hamilton is a young writer from New Zealand. She grew up in the lower north island in a small town that, according to her, nobody has ever heard of. She is trying a place under the sun and found on Widbook exactly what she needed: “I sort of stumbled upon Widbook, I was looking for a place to start writing where I wouldn’t be judged on the content of my writing. I just wanted a place where I could write and have no restrictions and make it a little easier than writing on paper – hence on a computer.”

Her ebook “Footsteps in Grey” was chosen the ebook of the week by the Widbook team. Read on to learn more about Terri – what is behind her talent and what`s next.


Widbook – You said “Footsteps in Gray” is about your life. Is it fiction or nonfiction? Tell us a little bit about the idea behind your ebook, your inspirations and the style.

Terri - It’s non-fiction, every word true. I’ve left out a lot in writing this, some things I didn’t want to repeat – in addition to everything else. The book started as a diary, an outlet for the emotions I was feeling every day through everything I had been through growing up. I used to read over every entry and remember how I felt very day for 20 years. I was inspired by other people’s ‘survival stories’ and how they pushed through and made it out the other side. But I wanted to reveal how I felt every step of the way – how I perceived the world around me while I was living in it.


What are your goals as a writer?

I would have to say, my goals would be to at least continue with writing. At first, I was worried about not finishing it (Footsteps In Grey) for whatever reason, but when I got over that and saw it was actually developing, I got a good feeling knowing it was going to be finished and out there soon. I want to be able to write more, and expand my range. I already have a few ideas in mind.




Since you are obviously very talented, can you share with us your best writing tips?

Writing is an art form, be that non-fiction of fiction. Either way you want to capture the reader and make them experience what you saw in your mind when you were writing. All I can say is write whatever you want to write, be creative, and be inspired to show people your work – you never know what’s waiting at the end of the road.


If you could change something in the publishing industry, what would that be?

I would change the fact that New Zealand’s publishing industry is getting weaker, but I like the fact that it hasn’t gone mainstream. They still use publishers like ‘Penguin’, (who I remember seeing on the covers of most books I read when I was a kid) are still the same today as they were 15 years ago.



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