How to Stimulate Your Creativity

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Nowadays the volume of information is so high that we need to develop the best narrative as possible to call public attention. A good story is built by some basic elements such as characters, plot, rising action, climax, denouement. But the essential point is creativity!

If writing is an art, artists need to be inspired to develop innovative projects and finish them. But sometimes it just disappears! We gathered some tips to help you to boost your creativity and write original and amazing content.

1 - When you have your final goals very clear (do you want to entertain? Teach? Touch people’s emotion? Call attention for some fact? Or what?) make sure it is aligned with the public you want to reach and study their behavior in different communities. Ideas will pop up into your mind

2 - Go out and talk with people. Build relationships. Pay attention in their experiences and listen to what they have to say

3 - Think about the contexts your characters are inserted: the reality, social ambient, speech, costumes, political issues and others

4 - Be gentle and positive with yourself. When we self-criticize too much, we block our capability of create

5 -Put fear aside. It also blocks creativity. So don’t be afraid of failure: mistakes are the natural path to get it right. Encourage yourself to go ahead and you’ll eventually reach your goal

6 - Be the best you can in your area. Study deeply your subject, references and blow your mind with information. It will build your confidence and increase your database

7 – Take notes of your ideas anywhere and every time. Write them down as soon as they come and use it on the right time

8 - Your target is a wonderful source of ideas, so focus on the need of your public, not only in what you want to transmit

9 - Read a lot, always. And not only topics related to your subject

10 - Schedule time in your week to develop each topic you need

11 – Get inspiration from music, movies, peaces, speeches, people, nature, museum, the city at night. Find out what most inspires you and go ahead

12- Brainstorm ideas and problems. Write down the central topics on a map and link other questions, connecting answers and new ideas

13 - When nothing is working, just take a break. Put your project aside for a while, breath, go take care of other things and return to it with new energy

Have a good writing!




  • Peter Stone

    This is wonderful, inspiring advice to anyone who wishes to write. You must put an awful lot of energy and feeling into a book and that cannot happen all at once. I have written two books and they made me feel so happy along the way that it has made me start a third. I have not published yet as I am seeking far more information as to which way will be the best. I love to build characters and that sometimes can only come from real experiences in life. Live life! Then write about them in a world of fun that will always make you laugh or cry!

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