Having writer’s block Here are some tips to overcome it.

Having Writer’s block? Here are Some Tips to Overcome it.

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Writer’s block is an elusive problem that even non-writers experience from time to time. It’s the feeling that there is something you should be writing but are unable to write—the words simply will not come. For those who only write occasionally, this might not be a big issue, though it can still bring frustration. However, for those who write extensively, especially for a living, writer’s block can become a huge obstacle to overcome quickly.

Writer’s block is not invincible

Hearing writers lament over experiencing writer’s block that prevents them from writing The Great American novel can make the condition sound like it simply cannot be overcome, and that isn’t true. Here are five things you can do to block writer’s block:

  • Do not panic

Writer’s block can often be the manifestation of anxiety the writer already feels. Piling more tension on top of this foundation is a recipe for disaster. Calm down. Going into panic mode will only create more anxiety over the situation.

  • Outline your piece before you start to write

If you have an outline that clearly maps out what you’re writing, there is little chance of writer’s block setting in and hindering your story. The map will always provide prompts for what should come next.

  • Recognize that writer’s block may mean the direction is not ideal

Sometimes writer’s block happens because a writer is taking the story in a direction it should not go, similar to a dead end street. If necessary, change course and see if you’ve worked around the block.

  • Write something else

If you’re blocked in Chapter Four, move on to Chapter Five.

  • Change your writing location

Sometimes a simple change of venue can work miracles in unblocking the writing process. If you typically write in your office, try writing out on the patio, or in a coffee shop.

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