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Get to know the experimental writer Michael Mander

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Michael Mander is a young writer from the U.K. who loves to experiment. His book “The Accidental Criminal” was chosen as ebook of the week by the Widbook team. Get to know a little bit more about him on this exclusive interview.


Widbook – Hi Michael, congrats for your ebook. How long time did you take to finish it and why should people read it?

Michael Mander - I don’t remember writing TAC much. I think I spent about a week writing Guilty (the first part), a further month refining it – followed by about two weeks for Get (second part) and a further month refining it. Compared to some of my other short stories it didn’t take long.

People should read it because, at least from my point view, it is manipulative. I’ll spare you the “takes the reader on a journey” clichés, but you will find yourself questioning your own interpretation of the character every other minute. Is he ultimately good or ultimately bad? I think that is something that makes a good read.


Widbook – When did you start to write and what are your goals as a writer?

Michael - I started to write stories just about as soon as I could write. My goal is to be experimental, above anything else. I’m currently putting together a collection of micro-stories that are highly experimental and that reflects this goal. TAC isn’t the most experimental story I’ve ever written – but it is highly stylized and unique and so it is something I am very proud of. I don’t really seek success in my stories, nor readership particularly, but creating something unique is very important to me.


Widbook – Why did you chose Widbook to publish it and how do you like the platform?

Michael - Widbook is fantastic. The selection and range of books is incredible and a reader who wants something aside from the mainstream literature is sure to enjoy the site. On top of that, it is perfect for the writer – offering specific and often helpful feedback.


Widbook – What are your favorite authors?

Michael - George Orwell, Danny Wallace, Roald Dahl, Jon Ronson



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