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And here we go: one more year is coming to the end. 2013 was a turning point for Widbook. We worked hard to be able to offer the best platform for writers and readers and here you can read the highlights of the year according to our team’s perspectives (yes, behind the screen there are real people giving life to Widbook (:


Lorena Berini

Breno Spadotto

Jr. Bellé

Flávia Frossard


We used to say internally that our writers are kings. Their success is our success as well. Now it is time to congratulate our team and the 120 thousand Widbook members, who published more than 10,000 books over the course of the year. You rock and you made 2013 very special for the whole community.


It was not easy to choose the TOP writers of the year, because each one of them – each one of you – made great effort to build works and it means a lot to us. There are five of them, though, who we want to highlight, because they generated buzz aroud themselves, they worked hard to publish good ebooks, gaining a lot of followers, and they have amazing appeal.

If for some reason you missed one of them, here you have the chance to look back and forth – because they shared exclusively with us their plans for 2014. The Widbook TOP Writers in 2013 are:


BEL WATSON, Chilean Writer

Ebooks Published on Widbook: Love Race and A Shot of Tequila

Why Widbook? I chose Widbook because I was invited to join and after I saw the beautiful interface I decided to create an account. It was very appealing from the beginning and I was always treated nicely, and I felt very welcome from the beginning.

Plans for 2014: For 2014 I hope to post more original stories, even if they are just short stories and of course to finally finish Love Race. Moreover, it’s also my last year in college so I want to focus on that and prepare to leave the country and start working more seriously on my career. 2014 is going to be a busy year for me.


CHELSEA ROMANO, American Writer

Books Published on Widbook: The Blood Dripped Journal; His Southern Artifact; Italian Gangster; Schizophrenia

Why Widbook? I chose Widbook to be the publisher of my books because they have the extra creative options in their publishing options and layout in their books, such as video and pictures.

Why Writer? I decided to become a writer because throughout my life I have never been the average kid. I have an imagination that takes over my mind at some points. It’s crazy and I thought maybe people would enjoy my insanity if I put it on the internet.

Plans for 2014: My goal for 2014 is to finish one of my books that I have not published on Widbook. I also hope to go further in my career as a young writer. Age has no limit for writing.


YOHANA EKKY, Indonesian Writer 

Books Published on Widbook: Still, My Desired LoveEvery Twin Has A Special Soul MateWhat’s Wrong With Mom??An Indonesian Short StoryIt’s All Because Of German!;

Why Widbook? I chose Widbook because it’s different from other sites. I can read an ebook just like a real book. Actually, I tried other sites, but the feedback I got was not as much or as good as I got from Widbook and its users.

Why Writer? I just love writing. By writing I can express my feelings, share everything I want to share with people around the world. A word can change somebody. What about a story?


FERNANDO PALACIOS, Brazilian Writer 

Books Published on Widbook: New Wonder

Why Widbook? If you are a writer, you want to be read. You want as many people as possible to experience your narrative. Widbook can accomplish that, with an added benefit: not just in Brazil, but all around the World. To me it seems like the power of internet mashed up with the magic of literature.

Why Writer? I grew up in a storytelling environment. My grandfather was a filmmaker in Brazil and he was responsible for the first Brazilian TV series. He would always tell me so many fabulous stories, many of which I would only understand many years later. Still, it stimulated my mind and when I was 7, I decided to be a writer. However, Brazil didn’t have the best scenario for literature. In fact, even today it is one of the hardest careers to jump into. It is a huge place with millions of people and very few readers. People do enjoy soap operas around here. So I went down the corporate path.

Then one day I decided I would go for it, even if I had to struggle with starvation. For quite a long time I had to use my talents to tell touching stories for the bank manager. It was the never-never time of my life and I decided to stick to it: things were never easy, but they were full of life like never before.

Plans for 2014? So far I have written lots of pages, but they are all out of order. I write the page where the inspiration cries loudest. So even though I wrote a lot, I can only publish the first chapter. This upsets me. So for 2014 I intend to find the second chapter and be able to unravel many new parts of the book.


ALEENA MALIK, Canadian Writer

Books Published on Widbook: Beautiful FelineNatasha’s SpeechThe BeckoningWhat Animal Should I be?


We wish you all an amazing New Year and may all your books come true in 2014 :)


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