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Fan Fiction: There is a Little Fiction Inside of All Fans

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If you have ever watched a film or read a book and wanted to expand on the plot and characters, you can. That is called fan fiction or fanfic. Although some believe fan fiction dates back to the 1800s fanfic became widespread in the 1960s. Countless fans would show up to events like Star Trek gatherings with their fan fiction stapled together. Now-a-days, fanfic is a huge phenomenon and some publishers and production companies have content all geared toward fan fiction.

This type of fiction covers everything from a novel all the way down to soap operas. If you are invested in a character, couple and plot, you can use your creativity to write the next chapter or chain of events for that particular story. The key to writing good fan fiction is knowledge. You must study these characters and know them well. Remember that you are moving the characters and story along so if you write something that would not happen in the original work you could lose your audience or the essence of the story.

Writers all have a different voice regardless of how well you study another writer; however, you can remain true to a character and storyline even if they were not your creation. Here are some key elements needed to write good fanfic.

  • Always write what you know. If you are not familiar with the book, film or television show do not attempt to write about it.
  • Make sure you are interested in what you are writing. Do not write fan fiction based off of popularity unless you are invested in the story.
  • Always stay true to the character. Make sure the character’s traits and back-story are not altered.
  • Make sure your story is free of grammar and spelling errors. A beta reader can help you in this area.
  • Obtain as much feedback as possible and grow from it. Post your fanfic on the show’s message boards or join fanfic groups. Get your stories out so you can see what the world thinks about your work. You may attract the attention of the publisher or original author perhaps leading to a writing job.


You should remember that fan fiction cannot be copyrighted. Although the stories may be yours, the characters, places, and original storylines are protected by the original author. Most authors will not pursue legal action against you for writing fan fiction because it gives them free publicity.


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