Ebooks A New World for New and Established Authors

Ebooks: A New World for New and Established Authors

By on September 17, 2013 . Category Column

Advances in technology affect the writing and publishing world in much the same ways as other industries. Professionals expect for there to be changes in the way they do business and package their products when faster or different gadgets become available to them and their customers. Yet, no other recent technological advance seems to have had a bigger impact on writing and publishing than the electronic book.


Ebooks are the electronic counterpart to print books, and they are books or written content in digital form. Readers can access e-books on their personal computers or mobile devices such as e-book readers, tablets, or smartphones. Electronic books have been around for over ten years, but the accessibility of digital content through mobile devices has seen a sharp incline towards consumers who purchase ebooks.

This brave new world has several benefits to writers:


Books are available to readers faster


Ebooks are relatively quick to produce and don’t take the time print copies of a book do to send to market. A writer can satisfy the desire of his or her readers for new content in a relatively short time. The only thing necessary to produce an e-book is the book in digital format, a cover, and a sales outlet. Once the book is set up it can be published immediately, without any time taken for printing and shipping. Delivery is instant.


Writers published with traditional publishers have a different outlet


A study performed by New York Times best-selling author, Marie Force, indicated 77% of readers preferred ebooks over the 52% who would rather read in print. However, the figures show an obvious crossover in those readers who simply purchase books they like in print and e-book formats. When readers purchase e-books, the writer enjoys a royalty payment on that sale, as well as that on the print sales.


Self-published writers can publish on the same playing field


Any writer who wants to forego the gatekeepers of the publishing arena and self-publish their work can have their ebooks on the same platforms as traditionally published authors. Ebooks are relatively cheap to produce, so a writer need not have a printing press at his or her disposal to publish books and make them available to the public.


Ebooks are cheaper to produce


Ebooks do not have the same costs print books do. There is no need for a printer to print books, nor for a physical warehouse to store and ship the books. Ebooks can usually be accessed immediately by purchasers through means pre-determined by the book seller. Since the annual survey BookStats indicates that ebook profits made up 20% of publishers’ income in 2012, the elimination of related publishing costs and the move towards electronic books has been a profitable decision for publishers, resulting in higher royalties for authors. And the possibilities are infinite. By publishing your ebook for free on Widbook, you`ll get noticed, gain followers and spread your work all over the world. Try it now and be prepared for the next step!


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