Don’t Forget a Book Proposal – Part II

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Last week Jr. Bellé wrote on Widbook‘s blog about the importance of a good book proposal. Remember it clicking here. Now, he interviewed Eduardo Lacerda, an specialist. Let’s continue to this journey:

I met an editor called Eduardo Lacerda, the owner of Patuá (, at a pub in São Paulo downtown. And right after I have mentioned the interview’s topic, he reinforced the importance of choosing carefully the publisher: “The writer desires to be published and this wish can become blindness. First of all, one must know about the publishing house to have a motivation beyond the desire. And I’m not talking about fields of activity, although you should submit only to publishers who care about your field, whatever it is. I’m talking about looking into the projects; the writer should research the most recent projects of the publisher, need to find out the right person who should be interested for what you are writing. And you won’t have it if you don’t look for it carefully”, Lacerda explains. In another words, he means that sometimes, when you’re preparing a proposal, it is better a sniper than a shooting’s hero.

So, I asked Eduardo Lacerda for some clues to help writers to approach to a publishing house. These are his precious tips:

- Please, don’t forget to put down your contact information. It seems like a fool tip, but you can’t imagine how many book proposal we receive without it. And if you’re writing a model, in order to send it for many publishing houses – method which I warn against -, but if you do this anyway, please, don’t forget to change the name of the publishing house and the editor to who you are sending it, in other words, send it to the right person, I must say that is a really bad start if you commit this mistake.

- My counsel is pick few publishing houses, if you write poetry, look for specialized ones, you will find, believe me, concentrate on your field. If you know deeply the work of a publishing house, if there is an editor who you admire, focus on them, as more customized is the proposal, bigger will be your chances.

- Use regular extension for your files, the better is PDF.

- When you’re writing your biography, focus on your actuation on literature and art. We don’t want a complete vitae nor a short paragraph, use your best judgment.

- Today, there is an overvaluation of the originality, when you write your proposal, take care about the well writing, and just it, go on, argue with your publisher, prioritize the information.

- A good author, and we want good authors, concerns about the book before and after it’s published, when you seek for a editor, you seek for a partnership.

Thanks Eduardo! And good lucky in your writing!


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