Do you Know Pubslush?

Do you Know Pubslush?

By on May 06, 2014 . Category Column

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Amanda Barbara, the co-founder of Pubslush.  Pubslush is a global crowdfunding and analytics platform for independent books.  Basically, it grants independent authors, like you, an opportunity to raise money, gauge the initial reception of your book and create marketing strategies based upon interest and support.

So here’s how it works…Once you finish writing or crowdwriting on Widbook, you can crowdfund on Pubslush.  Simply upload your title, your summary and an excerpt of your book to their site.  Pubslush then adds your book to their “Current Book Campaigns” section where independent readers can peruse in hopes of discovering a new favorite author.

If readers like what they read, they can invest.  In exchange for pledging financial support, appreciation is bestowed upon them in the form of a rewards system.  Depending upon the level of monetary support, rewards may include a personalized thank you note, an autographed hard copy of your book or maybe a 30-minute Skype session with you.

Now, the average book campaign lasts about 30 days and your agent (if applicable) can solicit in conjunction with the campaign to increase exposure.  At the end of a successful campaign, you should have plenty of options.

If you want to stay self-published to control your brand, you can utilize the fundraising money towards additional marketing tactics or invest in a professional editor.

If you want to use a traditional publisher, Barbara informed me that traditional publishers will now re-release a self-published book if there’s a proven following.  So perhaps you can parlay your list of financial supporters as proof of a “following” in order to advocate a book deal.

For more information, go to  In the meantime, you have a book to write, so you better write on Widbook


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